Avoid and Survive Paper Rejection 

This is designed for academic writers. Rejection of your paper, where it is declined to be published, is a normal feature of research life. Nonetheless, it stings! It is also aimed at those who may have experienced "desk rejection". This is where a seemingly well prepared academic article is submitted to a journal and yet the editor declines to send the paper for review.  

In both cases we can take this disappointing outcome and turn it into a learning experience.  

About the module

This is a one day self contained course that  provides an overview of the following issues.

  • What the modern journal ecosystem looks like and what role do editors play in really making decisions
  • How to ensure that your paper best showcases itself in terms of structure, writing and positioning
  • Top tips to avoid desk rejection 
  • Dealing with rejection and (hopefully) resubmission


The module is designed to be interactive and to facilitate group learning as much as possible. We are all researchers and all face the same issues, and thus can learn one from another. The module is designed to share a toolkit, a set of questions and processes, to pool experience towards getting published.  To that end it would be beneficial for participants to bring along a laptop, work in progress or which has been recently rejected, and to a willingness to share experiences. 


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance. 

About the module leader

Professor Brian Lucey is Professor of International Finance and Commodities at the Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, where he has served as Director of Research and as Director of the PhD Program  He has published over 230 papers, mostly in journals ranked Q1 by Clarivate Impact Factor.

He has been editor of several Q1 journals - Finance Research Letters (ABS2 ABDC B, Impact Factor 9), International Review of Economics and Finance (ABS2, ABDC A, Impact Factor 5), International Review of Financial Analysis (ABS3, ADBD A, Impact Factor 9), and has been founding editor of Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance (ABS2, ABDC B, Impact Factor 8).  


Professor Lucey has supervised over 20 PhD and Postdoctoral students, many of whom are themselves Ful Professors in universities. 

Where, when, how, how much?

This module is priced at $50. It can be taken on its own or with the module Structure your paper for Impact and Publication. In the case of booking two modules the overall price is $75. 


Numbers are capped at 40 person in each module. 

The next iterations of this module will take place at 

  • Novotel Aerocity Delhi, XX.  Register and pay here